Thank you for your interest in All Dream Cottages.  At present (Aug. 24 1:45 pm), we have the following cancellation opportunities.  Book on line or Call  360-376-2500.  If discount is advertised, we will reduce pricing on our end after you have booked.

Isle Dream Cottage:  enchanting hideaway

JULY:   Thank you.  Totally Booked

August:  Thank you.  Totally Booked

September:  Thank you.  All Cancellations Booked.

And, we are truly grateful.  October is Totally Booked.

Plan a holiday visit in November??


Mariner's  Dream Cottage:  mesmerizing comfort

JULY:  Thank you. Totally Booked

August:  Thank you.  Totally Booked.  

September:  Cancellation Opportunity:  September (3 nights possible).


October Visit.  October 29.30.31 (3 nights still available)

Sea Dream Cottage:  relaxing magic

July:  Thank you. Totally Booked

August:  ​Thank you.  Cancellation Opportunity Booked.

September:  Thank you.  We have re-booked all Cancelled Nights.

Please consider an October visit.  Last Available nights:

October 11.12.13 (3 nights).  It is true about Red Sunsets in October.

Screenshot 2019-01-11 10.05.01.png

Please understand that we are unable to extend the discounts to ONE night only bookings.