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Minimum Nights

General Policies

All our properties are NON SMOKING



Isle Dream Cottage is designed just for two. It is sweet and cozy with unforgettable, forever views.  Perched on its own hillside like a nest, the cottage is perfect for a honeymoon and a place to return to for Anniversaries.  Choose this cottage for romantic getaways, total relaxation.  

Priced for 2; Max 2 guests.  No Children.  

Small mature pet welcomed (about) October 15- May 10 ONLY.

PET FEE:  $25/Night; $50/stay (2-3 Nights) or $75/Stay (4-6 Nights) $100/Stay (7 or more Nights).   


Sea Dream Cottage is a deluxe choice for two.  Furnished with comfort in mind, this Pacific Northwest Beachfront cottage with spectacular views, stunning sunsets and passing marine life is great for honeymoons, anniversaries, romantic getaways and more.   Sleep to the sound of lapping waves.

Priced for 2; Max 2 guests).  Infant/small child welcomed if guests bring own bedding for the infant/child.   

Mature pet welcomed (about) October 15 - May 10 ONLY.  (See Isle Dream for FEES)

2nd Pet Possible ($15/Night for 2nd Pet)

Mariner's Dream Cottage is a luxurious choice for two.  Mesmerizing views.  Sunrises on the Left; Sunsets on the Right, starlit nights with moonglow on the water and the wonder of ferry lights reflected in the water.   Convenient Location with amenities nearby but private and far from everyday.  

Roomy and comfortable enough with a Queen size pull out for a small family or 4 friends sharing.

(Priced for 3;  Max 4 guests)  *$40/night sur-charge for 4th guest.  **2 children aggregate age 21 or less count as one for accounting purposes.   

PETs are NOT welcomed here.


Our accommodations operate under strict San Juan County rental permits. We ask that you limit use to the maximum number of persons specified in your rental agreement.



Minimum Night Requirements

We ask for FOUR nights minimum booking at our All Dream Cottages during our Dream/HIGH Season* (depending on our calendar and previous bookings).   This policy is trumped by availability and your booking flexibility.  


ONE-NIGHT-HOLE (High Season)
During some of our DREAM and throughout our HIGH season we WILL NOT accept on-line bookings that create unbookable "ONE-NIGHT (and sometimes 2 Nights) HOLES" in front/back of the booking request. When this occurs, we ask that you please consider moving your dates, adding to your booking or change your lodging choice to prevent cancellation.  We understand that schedules are not always flexible and that a change is not always possible.  In that instance, we ask that you bookmark us for another time.  Please CALL us: We may be able to offer a creative solution to your scheduling challenge.  


We frown on OVER-BOOKING. If you book 5 days and call to cancel one night after we have taken reservations around you, we may ask that you cancel two nights or even your entire stay,  rather than be left with an undesirable ONE NIGHT hole in our schedule.



Please understand that we cannot hold multiple units for possible "future" guests. We are happy to be listed as a resource for weddings and other events. However, we cannot confirm a reservation without payment.



While we welcome children at the cottages as noted above, we ask that you understand that all of our cottages have been furnished and decorated to be "dream" homes away from home. Complete "child proofing" is not compatible with this decorating philosophy.


Moreover, our waterfront properties are "absolute" waterfront and require parents to exercise extra care. It is no fun for you or your children if you must continually warn them about falling into the water.  


Since you know your children best, we ask that you exercise your judgement when booking. Please choose a cottage with the best interest of your child (children) in mind. 



We welcome your pet during our "Quiet" and "Secret" Seasons at our Isle Dream and Sea Dream Cottages


  • Only by prior arrangement.  Bringing an unauthorized pet onto the property (even those that welcome them) may result in loss of your reserved time and rent.

  • Pets welcomed from about October 15, thru about May 10 each year.   (2024:  through May 16; from October 7--some flexibility, do call)

  • We ask a reasonable pet surcharge of $50/stay for 2 & 3 night stays and  or $75/stay (from 4 to 6 nights) and $100/stay (7nights or More).

  • We ask for a fully refundable pet deposit of $100.  If paying by check, please send a separate check for this.  Unless otherwise requested, the check will be shredded after our Housekeeping manager gives her okay.  If paying by credit card, we reserve the right to charge (up to $100) on the credit card we have on file for damages. 

  • Your pet must be, at least, 2 years old to stay at our cottages.


Isle Dream welcomes small pets (less than 25lbs) only. 

The cottage is small and a larger pet will not be happy here.

(For larger pets, please call to discuss)

we acknowledge that pets have their own personalities and one rule does not fit all. 


Owners of larger pets are asked to look at Sea Dream Cottage.

Up tp 2 small pets or one large pet is welcomed here. 

Please call to discuss.  $15/night extra charge for 2nd pet at Sea Dream

Due to past experience, we have ZERO TOLERANCE for pets at our Mariner's Dream Cottage.

(the cottage is larger and carpeted)


Please understand that bringing an unauthorized pet onto our properties (even those that welcome them)

may result in loss of your reserved time and rent.


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