Meet your hosts:  Richard and Nanae Nagaoka Fralick
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Our most recent picture (December 25, 2020--->)

Dressed nice with hair combed (and Nanae with lipstick) for a family ZOOM gathering. 


Last outing to Yellow Knife, Northern Territories, Canada:  February, 2020.  Yes, the light in the background is REAL!  (Came home just in time for "lock down."


Itching to travel again.  Fingers of frequently 

washed hands crossed


PHD Physicist, Sailor, Pilot, Vollyball Player, Inventor, Cook, Handyman Extraordinaire--can make and fix just about everything; 4th Generation Californian, answered a want ad for "untamed physicist willing to work in the remote but accessible San Juan Islands;" surprised that the respond to address was in Washington State, not the Carribean.

Got the job.  

40 years on Orcas Island (since Feb, 1981): School Board, Medical Board, Water Board, County Council, Fire Advisory Board, Innkeeper, Restaurant Owner, Public Health District Commissioner.  (40 years of giving back to community)


Tentatively retired.   2021 Goal:  Continue Fixing old MG; finishing new barn-- and organizing contents .  Drove the MG to new barn in 2020  (11-miles) This is a big deal given that the engine was. . . nearly gone.  The goal in 2021 is to drive this MG around the island.  



Teacher, Attorney, Mediator, Quilter, Portrait Painter, Foodie, Ceramics Artist. 

Loves eating (and on island, that means cooking  well)

Decorator -- has an eye for putting "stuff" together.  Lived in Japan (Hiroshima, Tokyo, Osaka), Hawaii (Honolulu, Kailua), Australia (Sydney), Washington D.C.(actually, Bethesda, MD)

4th Generation Washingtonian.  Great-grandfather came to work on railroads in 1898; grandfather worked at dairy farming in Kent and father born on the farm in Kent.

On a return ferry from Victoria (Canada),  saw an American flag in Friday Harbor (with no prior knowledge) said, "if this is America, I want to live here!"  And, made it happen.  On Orcas since 1999.


Assertively retired.  Playing mahjong, drawing, painting, making a full set of dishes in ceramics class, trying not to miss book club! (learning to design a website, taking pictures, sewing masks) .


Art Studio part of above barn finally ready for me (at the end of 2020 -- just one year behind schedule).  Arranging my miniature food collection.   in shelves custom made for this (in stair case).  

Our farmhouse with big garden sold in 2018 so no backbreaking gardening but hoping to get some flowers growing on our rocky waterfront. . . a challenge.

About Us:

Met on an "arranged" (by mutual friends) BLIND Date (a first for both) in 2001, fell in love, married (2003) and the rest is still happening!  Life is good and full. Richard is learning the fine art of sushi making and Nanae is learning to eat Southern Californian (Mexico-like) food.  

Covid is requiring a lot more cooking at home;  so Nanae has started a log of who cooks what/when. . . so easy to forget.   Nanae, a cooker, but not much of a baker until Covid.  The need for sweets has changed all this.  

CD Wedding
Richard's MG-TF 1500
Nanae's Miniature Food Collection
(Mostly Japanese) tape shows how small
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