Waveside Dream Cottages Guestbook

Note from Richard and Nanae


This property was recently purchased by our daughter Kristin and her husband Troy as an investment for their future retirement.  That they are already at an age to even consider retirement does, in truth, makes us feel old.  However, adding these cottages to our Dream Collection gives us both pleasure as well as a sense of pride.  


This property, adjacent to our Mariner's Dream Cottage is our ultimate dream.  We want to retire here, too!  The cottages are beautifully constructed (the windows here are outstanding) and the property as well as its views spellbinding.  Kristin and Troy have spent many hours cleaning, fixing, polishing and furnishing.  They have done stone work, fencing work, plantings (they are younger) and have made the property even more stunning than when they first purchased it.


Moreover, that there are two fully self-contained cottages on on one property helps us fulfill a request we have had from many of our guests --

an opportunity to share the magic of Orcas Island with friends and family without forgoing the very private Dream Cottage experience.  We have had families travelling with grown children comment on how wonderful it is to get together for dinner but have their own space to enjoy their morning coffees independent of the other.  Both cottages have kitchens and we provide both coffee and coffee maker in both.


**Just booked the Waveside Dream Cottages and Mariner's Deam Cottage in combination for a family reunion -- 2 sisters, their families and Mom and Dad.  A brother will rent Day Dream Farm and they plan a family picnic in the garden. This planned use makes me very happy! (Nanae--you may see me weeding in the garden).


We cede the remainder of the page to guests who have said it better than we ever can.  (We are sure this page will soon be the longest on our website!)

"Such a beautiful home

on a beautiful island!

Our honeymoon was made all the better because we spent it in this beautiful place.

We loved seeing all the wildlife, the rabbits outside

in the morning, and

the seal in the water."​

"Words cannot even begin to describe our experience in this cottage.  Love to keep on dreaming.  So I would leave saying 'See you' instead of goodbye.  We will be back to continue the dream.  Thank you for sharing such a beautiful home and giving us this experience. 

"We normally love finding new places to eat when we're on vacation but found ourselves walking to the wonderfully stocked grocery store nearby and enjoyed cooking simple meals in the cottage. The kitchen was well stocked and we especially liked the dinnerware (sophisticated!)

And, we loved the views from our private 'restaurant.'

"OMG! When we got in via the 4PM ferry the house took my breath away! It is beautiful. I wanted to forget supper (and I was starving!) and just revel in the view. My stomach won out, however, but we came back early enough to sit before the fire and enjoy the surroundings and a cup of cocoa.


We are now sitting in front of the windows reading before we start our day. We look up from our Kindles long enough to say WOW, though."

"I'll work the rest of my days in hopes of saving enough money to be able to come back some day and buy this place. . .I love this island and its people"

"We enjoyed the bright sun through the windows and skylights during our winter getaway!  The faux wood stove was cozy and romantic!" 

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us this holiday weekend.  We came to Orcas last summer and couldn't wait to bring our parents back for the beautiful scenery, hiking, kayaking, whale watching, and delicious food.

Your cottage was the perfect home base.  We spent a good amount of time just sitting on the deck watching the ferries come and go.  We saw a mama deer with her two fawns and even a harbor seal."

"Our own large and luxurious bathroom with two sinks and two shower heads. . . on vacation with two teenagers + a cousin. Nothing could be better.


Thank you for the views, our son put aside his tablet to watch the ferries, the seabirds and the otter. Our daughter and niece loved having their own little cottage by the sea. And we loved the peace, a true gift! Really!"

"What a beautiful, inspiring place to celebrate our anniversary! Spent many peaceful hours gazing out at the incredible view, almost as many nice naps with the sea breeze blowing through the windows. Lots of great memories to take with us."

Many thanks for sharing this beautiful sanctuary nestled in the rocks! Waking with the fog and seeing bright kingfishers & otters is so rejuvinating!" 

"It is impossible to not have your breath snatched away when entering this living room.  My only complaint is that our stay was too short!"

"We really enjoyed waking up every morning and making a cup of tea and going outside sitting with the  one you love watching the exceptional sunrise!!! "

"We really hate to leave this place.  It was a magical, mystical journey that I wish could continue for an eternity. We as a family have bonded so well, it's incredible.  This was really a retreat from all that we know....


It was all that we had hoped for.  It has inspired so much that we frequently checked the realtor stand in Eastsound.  Memories have been made that will be etched in our brains forever. We know for a fact that we will be back."

"Truly Spellbinding!  

We will be back."