Our First Shout Out!

Life Long Learning is a given when one owns a small business. I sent out our very first newsletter from our new website. In order to do this, I learned about CSV (comma separated values) downloads to create a mailing list from our email contacts list, learned how to transfer contacts from google and learned about the "Shout Out" feature (herein the commercial message) in our WIX website design platform (so intuitive, even I could create a website--from SCRATCH!). Website almost complete, visitor counter reset, newsletter sent, google analytics installed. All in all a good week of learning. (The challenge: how to, as scientists say, replicate) How much will I remember!?

I used the straighten tool in my Photoshop ELements to straighten this picture Richard took a couple of weeks back and after some misteps managed to caption the picture. Would have preferred another font but. . . this counts as learning.

I am now attending the on line Google Analytics Accademy (video classes) so I can fill my pages with SEO (whatever that is) so that more people find us. I am still in fear of Facebook but I have managed a few posts. Perhaps all of this will become 2nd nature and I will no longer need my 9 year old grand-daughter's help doing this.

I recently had to stop a young person at the market. I was taking a photo when I realized that the camera was on video mode. PANIC! I was punching the camera icon over and over to change the function. The young person ( a kid, really) took my phone and did one of those slides. I felt rather stupid but Now I know.

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